Career at Neiss

A Career at Neiss is a rewarding and learning experience. The work atmosphere at Neiss is vibrant and dynamic. The management sees to it that the employees find their jobs challenging and stimulating but never daunting. Also we believe in retain and reward policy which ensures that our employees always feel welcome here and grow with the company. The salary at Neiss matches best in the industry standards for the country of the employee. But along with the excellent monetary remuneration, the opportunity to learn new skills and take on different as well as higher roles is the reason for the high level of job satisfaction of Neiss employees.

Neiss Labs Pvt. Ltd is one of the many competitive pharmaceutical companies spearing in the R&D, manufacturing, export, import and distribution of pharma products. The difference in a career at Neiss is that it is simply driven by ‘breakthrough research’. It is our belief that both our short-comings and gains lie in the hands of our fellow employees and you are hence required to be able to ‘hold the helm.’

Stepping Success

Everyone learns on the job. While it is easy to hire and fill important positions from external consultancies, we strongly encourage internal growth. Our employees are our assets and we promote equal opportunities and hone talent and growth both horizontally and vertically. You are certainly rewarded for the effort you willfully put in.


We look forward to working with diligent and dedicated personnel. Self-motivated individuals and out-performing personnel are always a pleasure to have around. We look for someone who understands has a sense of urgency on -the job and doesn’t let small nitty-gritties come in the way


We offer the best remuneration offered in local markets or match your competency the best we can. We additionally offer you tremendous exposure, careful mentoring and recognition and rewards based on performance.

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