Children’s busy lifestyle and habit of choosing unhealthy snacks results into their unhealthy lives. This broadens the nutritional gap resulting into lower immunity. Growing kids require ample amount of nutrition and energy.

Niswell kids protein powder is chocolate flavoured , enriched with high fiber protein, vitamins and minerals. It also contains clinically proven BacoMind (Bacopa monnieri) which acts as brain tonic and DHA which benefits overall health.

  • Provides steady stream of energy-

As far as protein digestibility corrected amino acid scores (PDCAAS) are concerned, whey and soy proteins are the most digestible. Kids can get instant energy from whey protein meals that are quickly absorbed, while soy protein meals are slowly absorbed and give them longer-lasting energy.

  • Contains DHA from vegetarian source.

DHA is a vital brain component that improves children’s academic performance and learning capacity. It promotes healthy heart and eye growth as well as general wellbeing.

NISWELL Kids powder features-

  • A high protein, low fat diet
  • Whey and soy protein blend, the best proteins available.
  • Increased DHA content for overall development
  • Vitamin and mineral content is higher.

NISWELL Kids benefits in-

  • Enhancing energy and brain activity.
  • Fighting general weakness and fatigue
  • Malnourishment
  • Weight management
  • Anemia
  • Acute and chronic infections
  • Immune system strength and overall weakness