Client visit at Neiss Headquarter from Shanghai. It was our honor to receive Mr. Song Weichao (desig – Vice President) and Mr. Sheng Chengde (desig – R&D Manager) for factory visit prior to signing one of the most important Export deals in the history of Neiss. Their 5 days stay added a high volume of value for us.
We experienced profound confluence of entrepreneurial ideas pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry. In this image, one can see from Left to Right Mr. Song Weichao, our Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Mohit M JainMr. Sheng Chengde and our Director Mr. Manish Kumar Jain. We invite all interested Distributors / Buyers to similarly visit us for factory observation.


Neiss Labs Limited was a proud participant of the 56th Annual Conference of IMA Maharashtra State MASTACON 2016 held from 18.11.2016 to 20.11.2016. It was a proud moment for Neiss to have received a large amount of exposure prior to its Launch in Maharashtra scheduled in December 2016.
During this 3-day State Conference, we have come in contact with a mammoth number of esteemed doctors who are part of the Indian Medical Association. The vast amount of appreciatation that we have received motivates and inspires us to participate in events of such profundity in the very near future to come.
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