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Nurturing humankind with value-added services

Humankind has been endowed with a Life that is precious and incredible to the highest degree. Every day, we are breathing a Creation that is watered by love, affection and values. Life exists with one sole purpose: regeneration in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Neiss Labs Limited has taken birth to validate this very purpose. We are here to add more values to Life to make it more sustainable and eternal. Novelty, discovery, research, quality and technology, all harmonize with one another at Neiss. Each day we are adding values by

Neiss Labs Ltd is a WHO-GMP and ISO 9001:2008 certified pharmaceutical company in Mumbai. We endeavor to constantly develop new products, processes, technologies and remain vigilant for new horizons in the healthcare industry. We are committed to make humankind more valuable with our unflinching efforts, support and dedication.

Leading Organization in Pharmaceutical Industry

Creating values for humankind

The reason behind our structural evolution is simple: to add more values for more people. We are following an all-encompassing module. Here at Neiss, it is your growth that makes us grow. Every person involved with Neiss occupies us our heart with pride and esteem. This is why each of you form an integral part of our value-system.