Research & Development

R&D – The Basis of New Product Development

The R & D strength of Neiss Labs and the ability to develop strategic alliances in terms of in-licensing agreements is the cornerstone of a large product pipeline. This is a key component of the business strategy of the company which will enable the company to have a sustainable and long term competitive advantage.

Neiss Labs Robust Research Program has developed alliances with academic institutions and other companies to hasten the discovery of products.

Research Focus includes Allopathy & Ayurveda

The Company’s research program focuses on select therapeutic segments such as Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, inflammatory conditions, Ayurveda and Nutraceuticals etc.

In its R & D efforts, Neiss Labs is able to leverage the India advantage. The cost of drug discovery and development is less than a fifth of that in the West. Also India has a large pool of excellent scientists and doctors who are involved in the drug discovery as well as in drug development clinical trials. The doctors and scientist are not confined to just the allopathic system of medicine. Our team also has sufficient number of ayurvedic and nutraceutical scientists which enables us to have a diverse product pipeline.