Human Resource Department

Neiss is not a office for its employees… It is their HOME!!

The service of white-collar job opportunities gives Neiss the attributes of a corporate pharmaceutical hub. But when it comes to our employees, Neiss assumes the orientation of one grand extended Indian family.

Pharmaceutical Job Vacancies

Human Resource Department is one of those departments that receive prime focus at Neiss. Our study business attitude transforms to the one of a nurturer for our employees. We care for each small and large hindrance that a jobholder might face even on a daily basis.

Neiss believes that every success that comes in its way is owing to the disposition of each jobholder. It is they who make us fly higher with each passing day. This is why our Human Resource Department reciprocates the responsibility with equal fervor.

We offer packages that are the best in the industry. Unique incentive plans are conceived keeping in mind the interest areas of each jobholder.

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