Pharmaceutical Products

Our prescription medicines include treatments for a wide range of conditions such as Cancer, infections, skin conditions, heart and circulatory disease and gastrointestinal system.

Neiss labs Ltd is committed to provide high quality products to our customers. We manufacture a large range of formulations and all our products are supplied in permitted/suitable amounts in the form of small volume liquid parenterals, injectables, tablets,capsules,liquid orals, sterile eye and eye drops.

Product Showcase

Injectables- Small Volume Parentesols
Eye Drops
Soft gel Capsules
Nutritional Products


Since our establishment, we have achieved a firm foothold in the domestic market with new, revolutionary, and pioneering products that have earned us the trust and confidence of millions of people of this wonderful country.


After taking rapid strides in the research and development of new drugs, medicines, and formulations, our entry into the global market was seamless. Because of our exhaustive product portfolio, we have become a choice pharmaceutical company across many nations.