The term “disability” is defined as the inability or the difficulty faced by a person to perform daily activities generally expected of his/her age group. It may be present from birth or may occur anytime during lifetime. Disability covers a broad set of conditions such as impairments, participation restriction, activity limitations and so on.

Persons suffering from any form of disability are unable to perform his/her normal role in the society corresponding to his age and socio-cultural scenario. They should be encouraged to fulfil their role in the society and participate on equal basis with their peers.

It is important that they should be able to focus on their ability instead of their disability. Disabilities may involve:

  1. Mobility and physical impairment- Upper or lower limb disability, inability in co-ordination of body organs

  2. Spinal cord disability- Spinal cord injury

  3. Brain disability- Acquired head or brain injury, traumatic head or brain injury

  4. Visual disability

  5. Hearing disability

  6. Cognitive or learning disability

  7. Physiological disorder

  8. Invisible disability

  9. Social relationship disability

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