(Iron Sucrose 100mg Injection)


FENORA-S Injection contains Iron Sucrose. Anemia commonly occurs in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD)—the permanent, partial loss of kidney function. Anemia might begin to develop in the early stages of CKD. Iron when administered intraveneously works better than iron pills administered orally.

Supplemental Iron.
Each ml of FENORA-S Injection contains 20 mg of elemental iron. FENORA-S Injection can be administered intravenously by slow injection or by infusion, or as directed by Physician.
FENORA-S Injection can be used in the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
The first step in treating anemia is raising low iron levels. Iron plays a major role in taking oxygen and moving it to where it is needed in the body. Iron is the fuel for production of new RBCs. Erythrocytes contain haemoglobin pigment, which imparts the red colour to the blood. It transports oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues. The high iron content of RBCs reflects the fact that iron is an integral part of hemoglobin.

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