(Ceftriaxone + Sulbactam 1.5 g Injection)


GLICEF-S Injection contains Ceftriaxone Sodium and Sulbactam. Ceftriaxone is broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic with a very long half-life and high penetrability. Ceftriaxone has an activity against gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

Ceftriaxone is a broad spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic. Sulbactam is a semi-synthetic beta-lactamase inhibitor.

GLICEF-S Injection can be used in the treatment of following conditions:

– Sepsis, Meningitis
– Abdominal infections
– Infections of the bones, joints, soft tissue, skin and wounds
– Infections in patients with impaired defense mechanisms
– Renal and urinary tract infections
– Respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, and ear, nose and throat infections
– Genital infections, including gonorrhoea

One GLICEF-S Injection every 6 hours or as directed by Physician.
Ceftriaxone inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis by means of binding to the penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs). Inhibition of PBPs would in turn inhibit the transpeptidation step in peptidoglycan synthesis which is required for bacterial cell walls. Sulbactam is an irreversible inhibitor of β-lactamase; it binds to the enzyme and does not allow it to degrade the antibiotic.

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